The first supper

I was away in North Yorkshire at the weekend and on the way home my friend and I started talking about what we were going to cook for our respective suppers. I always think that first supper home after a trip is important – you want something easy and tasty but also something that keeps that holiday feeling going as long as possible. You want to treat yourself.

I decided to cook scallops because they are quick, tasty and always feel special. I like cooking them with chorizo because you get that great surf n’ turf flavour. Cook the chorizo first (there’s no need to use oil in the pan). Drain off some of the fat before adding the scallops and cook for about four to five minutes.

I served the scallops and chorizo on a bed of watercress with griddled courgettes and  tender stem broccoli spears. I blanched the broccoli first in boiling water before I put them on the griddle. As a final touch I quickly griddled some slices of halloumi cheese and there it is – a quick and tasty homecoming supper in less than 20 minutes.

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